6 Uses for Cartridge Heaters

Uses for Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters have a lot of uses, but the most crucial function is to assist in the process of manufacturing by supplying localised heat. These cartridge heaters are designed in such a way that they provide optimum performance while also providing heat efficiently and accurately.

How effective a cartridge heater can be, is usually on the basis of a few factors like, the actual amount of heat that can be transferred from the sheath to the metal that is undergoing heating, its dielectric strength, and heat that is being transferred to the sheath. Dielectric strength is often calculated by the efficiency of the heater to retain electric current inside the coil.

Uses for Cartridge Heaters

1.Die Casting

During the process of die casting, a molten metal is initially placed inside a closed or open die so that the metal can be moulded into different forms and shapes. While the process of die casting is in progress, it is crucial to keep a track of the temperature of the metal and ensure that it is controlled and supervised. To accomplish this task, cartridge heaters are carefully positioned inside a hole in the die in order to accurately and cautiously control the temperature of the molten metal. In order to ensure that the quality of the final casting is at its highest, the entire process is meticulously regulated.

2. Mold Process

This process is pretty similar to the die process with some additional variations in the methods and materials being used. While talking about dies, it is important to keep a track of the temperature at which the heated metal solidifies. Cartridge heaters are inserted into the mold to help in controlling the process. During the process of solidification, the cartridge heaters are inserted into the mold to help in keeping the heat constant so that any kind of unevenness and weaknesses can be avoided in the molded part.

3. Food Production

The process of Food production also requires similar levels of control and accuracy as seen for the above processes of molding and die casting with the differentiator being, determining the accuracy during the preparation of food. Controlling heat becomes extremely crucial while preparing food, especially in the case of high volume food production centres, where an important criteria is to provide constant heat throughout a production run.

4. Medical

In the medical field, during the treatment of a patient, having the right control of heat is a very crucial factor in order to provide successful treatment. Several other medical processes also demand for exceptional heat control in order to assure success of the procedure along with safety of the patient. Cartridge heaters have been used in several machines to perform a variety of procedures that include kidney dialysis machines, controlling heat inside baby incubators, etc. In order to provide steady temperature and extraordinary heat transfer for different kinds of medical applications, cartridge heaters have been utilised in heating stainless steel or aluminium subassemblies.

5. Engine Block Heater

In frigid temperatures, Engine block heaters can be a reliable method to provide improved automotive performance. It provides efficient circulation of motor oil by warming engine fluids. Cartridge heaters are chosen among several varieties of block heaters because they are the easiest to install while also being the most effective. The coolant present inside an engine is heated quickly and efficiently due to the process of thermal induction used by the cartilage heaters.

6. Plastic Extrusion

The process of extrusion demands the molten plastic to undergo heating while simultaneously being forced through the mold by the screw. To help in having control over, and also providing constant heat so that the overall product is stable, cartridge heaters are included or installed in the extrusion process.The benefits of using cartridge heaters while performing the extrusion process include long service life and express warming.

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