Construction of Humidity Chambers

A humidity chamber is an equipment used to examine how products under test react when they are exposed to humidity variations. A variety of test methods using humidity chambers have been developed to determine whether a certain product that is being tested using this humidity chamber would be able to withstand adverse weather conditions, which in turn defines its durability. These tests are often performed by technicians, who analyze test results using sophisticated instruments. This testing requires specialized training and experience to interpret properly and accurately for each particular case at hand. After testing, these technicians arrive at an accurate conclusion about a given product or its part or assembly’s suitability for mass production and/or distribution in its intended environment or application (e-g., aerospace, automotive, marine, etc.).

Humidity Chambers Are Available in Many Sizes!

A simple form of a moisture chamber consists essentially of two sealed rooms, one inner and one outer, with walls made from a transparent material such as glass or plastic so that the Relative Humidity (RH) inside can be observed. The principle behind this type of device is that water vapor condenses onto surfaces when it reaches its boiling point-the higher than the RH in either room, more water vapor will precipitate on surfaces within both rooms. Several variables affect the durability of any product(s). These humidity testing chambers are used for ensuring the durability of products and optimizing their performances to provide accurate data about the factors that cause the deterioration of these products. The humidity chamber can be considered as a type of miniature environment that is capable of creating a vast array of environmental conditions, so it is made of durable material(s), which can withstand the weather condition(s) it creates. These testing chambers are available in many sizes from desktop models to even the ones that are big enough to walk inside them. Irrespective of the sizes, all types of these chambers have some common elements, including walls, sealing materials, doors, controllers, observation ports, temperature setting monitors, etc.

Construction of a Humidity Chamber

A humidity chamber is a scientific instrument used to measure and control the humidity in the air, as well as other gasses and liquids. It is composed of several large and small chambers interconnected by a system of pipes and valves. Data collection and analysis are carried out by a computer. The humidity chamber is made up of separate chambers, each of which is heated and cooled. The lower chamber (the one below the surface) is heated by a piece of equipment that emits infrared radiation. The warmer air rises and the cooler air sinks. The condensation on the walls and ceiling of the chamber causes the humidity level to be monitored continuously. The humidity chamber is often used for measuring the humidity in the atmosphere, controlling the humidity in air-conditioning systems, studying the behavior of gasses and liquids at low and high temperatures, and for making products’ tests for their sustainability. This defines the life of any product when it is supplied in the market. A humidity chamber consists of the following:

  • Walls 
  • Sealing Material
  • Doors
  • Controllers
  • Temperature
  • Air supply
  • Humidity system
  • Materials

Humidity Chambers by Heatcon Sensors 

A humidity chamber is an important tool used in many industry verticals. It is useful for reproducing the humidity in the atmosphere, simulating the humidity created by air-conditioning systems, and for testing the durability of products by the behavior of their materials under different environmental conditions. Heatcon Sensors‘ humidity chambers are highly accurate and reliable, meeting or exceeding all applicable standards. Heatcon is the leading manufacturer of high-quality humidity chambers. Their chambers maintain a consistent level of humidity, and these chambers are safe to use, easy to operate, and perfect for industrial requirements. They offer a wide range of humidity chambers, so you can find the perfect one for your needs or get one specifically constructed that suits your needs well.