Know It All about Thermowell Fitting Accessories

Thermowell Fitting Accessories

Installation of the temperature sensor assemblies into a thermowell or straight inside a said process needs the utilization of a certain type of fitting that of brass/stainless-steel. This fitting tends to consist of some threaded connections, a bayonet cover (& adapters) along with a flange as well. The flange, which is somewhat adjustable, could simultaneously be utilized to assemble the sensors during the said process. The cap enables quick installation in suitable adapters, which are located inside that process; and such a technology has been used widely majorly in plastic machineries. Bushes & hexagon-plugs have been utilized while adjustments and/or removals in a much lesser significance. The selection of the fitting might be driven by the necessity for pressure integrity or also by the limitations of physical sizes. Such a compression-fitting as well as threaded brush could be supplied as well with the tapered threads for achieving a connection that is pressure-tight. 

  • Compression Fittings: The compression fittings, which are adjustable in nature, have been utilized straight over the probe for achieving the much-needed insertion length in that process, as well as for ensuring right protection of the probe(s) inside the thermowells. A compression fitting thus used to attach tubing (i.e. piping) usually has ferrules inside them. Compression fitting is thus quite popular as it does not need any kind of soldering, which makes them relatively quicker & easier to be used. 
  • Nipple Fittings: A nipple is made from the same flange family at both ends of the tube section. (Hybrid adapters are connectors with flanges of a different family on each end.) A straight nipple is made with the same-sized flange on both ends of a straight tubing-section. The reducer nipple has flanges of different sizes at both ends (that belong to the same family). 


3-piece unions must be utilized in dangerous places, in the junctions of pipes (conduits) & boxes or different appliances. The links consist of 3 independent pieces, which could possibly be screwed together by the rotation of the same pieces together among them. 


Metal Plugs & Socket Connections

The connection between the thermocouple’s thermoelectric leads and the extension cables is made with uncompensated male & female connectors. The metal frame and housing of such connectors tend to ensure the continuity of protection or screening, & good temperature. 

Standard and Mini Thermocouple Connectors

The standard and mini connectors are perfect for connecting the sensors of a thermocouple along with the extension or compensation cable towards one another. The pins tend to be polarized for preventing any wrong connections and the connector body also tends to be marked with polarity. Such connectors are color coded as per the specific standards such as: IEC and ANSI etc.