The Assortment of Humidity Chambers

A humidity chamber is a device used to control the humidity levels. It is often used for scientific testing, but can also be used for other purposes. Different types of humidity chambers can be used in different industry verticals, laboratories for different purposes including product durability testing, and scientific testing, etc. Their types as well as their designs tend to vary as per the kind of testing that is needed, and some other factors decide the size of their parts too. Every industry vertical has its own set of requirements & data types needed to ascertain the quality of products required. This makes it imperative for the manufacturer to design a large variety of such test chambers with different sizes etc. 

Types of Humidity Chambers

Humidity chambers come in varied sizes and also come with different features such as the ability to reach various parts of the chamber, walk-in or drive-in configurations, and benchtop versions.

Benchtop Humidity Chambers

Benchtop humidity chamber units provide more convenience because they sit on a tabletop rather than being attached to a wall as traditional humidifiers do. This type of humidity chamber fits on shelves for testing humidity effects on smaller parts. This one is a cost-efficient way to test any product(s), usually done on small components like electronics parts, sensors, cell phones, etc. These are mainly used in research labs and/or by small businessmen etc. Size can be as small as 0.89 cubic feet and as large as 5.5 cubic feet also. 

Reach-In Humidity Chamber

The reach-in versions of these humidity chambers are perfect for use at work stations where you need easy access to the chamber itself. They have smaller footprints as compared to the models that are larger in size! They have the almost same versatility as that is there in a benchtop model. These come in vertical configurations allowing easy access. They are totally sealed while testing. Designed with casters/wheels for more convenience, they come in different sizes matching the space that is available.

Walk-In Humidity Chambers

As the name suggests, walk-in humidity chambers have big enough room for cars as well as any big computing systems. They can have modular construction wherein these chambers are built on-site or are installed as single units as per customers’ requirements.

Drive-In Humidity Chambers 

Just like the walk-in ones, the drive-in humidity chambers too are big in size. The main use for these types of chambers is seen in vehicle testing, wherein, the vehicle is tested under different mini-environmental conditions for determining its life as well as its durability. This type of chamber is usually engineered for meeting customer requirements, mainly used in the automotive industry.

Scientific Testing Chambers

Scientific testing chambers vary in size, but all of them are designed to control humidity levels in a specific area. They can be used to test products and/or materials, and predict humidity levels in the environment, by creating mini-environments. Their major use is seen in examining specimens for potential issues. The data thus collated becomes highly significant in the development of product(s) in the future related to food science, pertaining to pharmaceuticals, as well as the electronics industry.

Humidity Chambers by Heatcon Sensors 

Heatcon Sensors is one of the leading manufacturers of different types of humidity chambers. The testing chambers produced by them are being used in several industry verticals.