Thermocouple Extension Cable Insulation Type

Thermoplastic Compounds – High Temperature Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation 

Such type of fiber-glass thermocouple extension cable insulation is basically utilized in high-temp applications with temperature ranging from -73 degree Celsius to 600 degree Celsius. This tends to have very good wear resistance, great dielectric characteristics, excellent fire & high-temp resistance. All these properties make this a vastly utilized one mainly in the industrial applications including glass plants, steel plants as well as aluminum plants. This is also made use of in the heat-treatment industry. 

Ceramic Fiber Insulation

This type of ceramic-fiber thermocouple extension cable insulation is having a higher range of temperature than that of the fiberglass discussed above. The operating temperature of this particular one is up to 800 degree Celsius. This has great fire & heat resistance characteristics. This is vastly made use of in various industrial applications such as in glass plants, steel plants as well as aluminum plants too. This one is also utilized in the heat-treatment industries, furnace research as well as in temperature sensors too. 

Alumina Fiber

This one has the highest temperature tolerance range up to even 1200 degree Celsius. This is also having great flame retardant as well as heat resistance characteristics. Continuous filament aluminum fiber has been adopted for use in the insulation of conductors as well as in the jacketing of cables, for the reason of it withstanding quite high temperature, thus maintaining crucial strength as well as flexibility even upto 1200 degree Celsius for long durations of time. These also have great chemical resistance. 

Polymide Insulation

Such types of polyimide tapes tend to be sturdy golden brown plastic films with great physical, chemical as well as electrical characteristics over a very wide temperature range. Such films do not tend to melt and they are also fire resistant because of having the highest flammability. The operating temperature of this type of insulation ranges from -267 degree Celsius to 310 degree Celsius. 


Having great fire & heat resistance characteristics, this flame retardant insulation type is typically used as a fire resistant intermediate tape. 


The primary reason for utilizing such asbestos insulation is its property of being fire & heat resistant. Among other reasons is its property of electrical insulation, acid resistance as well as good durability. The property of electrical insulation is also being used for protecting conductors from damaging conditions such as with exposure to moisture & chemicals, and even to fill up spaces wherever corona discharges are likely.

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