What Is Mineral Insulation Cable & Its Benefits?

A mineral insulation cable is the most preferred type of cable to be especially used in harsh environmental conditions and extremely high temperatures because of its low flammability properties. It is specifically being used in the thermocouple manufacturing industry to manufacture high-quality and accurate thermocouples which are used to measure minute temperature changes in industrial furnaces. The MI cables allow for precise and accurate temperature measurements due to their high resistance to oxidation at extremely high temperatures.

Advantages of Mineral Insulation Cables In Critical Industrial Processes!

  • For wet and chemically active environments, the metal sheathing that clads the mineral insulation cable does not allow for oxidation of the thermocouple wires. This provides for extreme corrosion resistance which makes MI cables ideal for processes where frequent replacement is either impossible or their failure may be too dangerous, as in nuclear power plants where core temperature is critically high. In such a case, it becomes extremely important to monitor accurate temperature and maintain it at all times using a high-quality thermocouple to avoid any major accidents. 
  • MI cables are filled with minerals to provide for excellent insulation, which is a non-reactive coating to help prevent the thermocouple wires from coming in contact with caustic substances like oils, water, and other industrial solvents or with each other. This further helps the temperature sensors to accurately record any temperature changes in critical processes such as sintering or heat treating where any small temperature fluctuations might adversely impact the quality of the product. 
  • The MI cables are insulated in such a way that its insulation will never catch fire in any case making it ideal for processes where any small fire could be disastrous. Nuclear power plants, medical device manufacturing industry, and oil rigs are some examples where the use of high-quality MI cables becomes extremely important. 
  • The insulation of the MI cable protects the thermocouple probes from coming in contact with other electrical wires which helps the thermocouple probes to take most accurate temperature measurements for longer periods without experiencing a malfunction. 
  • The MI cables are calibrated as per international standards to provide for precise and most accurate temperature measurements while operating in long duty cycles. 
  • The mineral insulation of MI cables makes them the perfect choice to be used in extremely high temperature conditions to obtain most accurate temperature readings. Because of this, they are considered ideal for industrial furnaces, firing ceramics, kilns, or heat-treating metals. MI cables are designed to withstand high temperatures, and thus, they are extremely reliable even after exposure to the highest order of temperatures by not losing their accuracy. These cables are extremely useful in industries where high international safety and quality standards are needed to be strictly enforced in order to avoid any industrial accidents.  

Heatcon Sensors – The Pioneers of Manufacturing High-Quality Thermocouples Using International Standard MI Cables!

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