Coil Heater

Coil Heaters

Heatcon Sensors is a leading provider of innovative heating solutions. We offer a wide range of products, including coil heaters. Our products are designed to meet a variety of application needs and can be customized to suit the specific requirements of your project. The Coil Heaters have maximum surface load and come with an IP rating for humidity resistant coil heaters.


  • Heating of manifolds
  • Heating of nozzles
  • Heating of sealed heads in packing

Standard Dimensions:

  •  1.0*1.6mm
  • 1.3*2.3mm
  • 1.8*3.2mm
  • 2.2*4.2mm
  • 3.0*3.0mm
  • 4.6*8.6mm 

Connection options:

  • PTFE insulated leads
  • Glass-silk NI leads
  • Ground wire
  • Sheath: SS & Nickel

Exit Options

  • Axial
  • Radial
  • In the mid
  • Tangential

General Options:

  • Straight
  • Reflection tube
  • Cast in brass

Clamping Options:

  • Tangential screw clamping band
  • Axial screw clamping ban
  • Lock-System