Nobel Metal Thermocouples

Nobel Metal Thermocouples​

These happen to be constructed from the noble metals, which happen to be the precious metals, for instance rhodium as well as platinum. Such types of thermocouples could possibly be utilized in oxidizing and/or certain inert applications, and these should be utilized with a ceramic protective tube that surrounds the element of the thermocouple. They are usually utilized at quite high temperatures. Such sensors happen to be generally fragile, and shouldn’t be utilized in applications, which reduce or which contain metal vapors.

Noble Metal Thermocouples have been a reliable way to measure temperatures for many decades. We are the leading providers of supreme-quality thermocouples, which tend to be manufactured from various types of noble/precious metal materials including Rhodium as well as Platinum. These materials are specifically chosen because of their excellent temperature stability, accuracy and long-term durability. Thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors come in a variety of sizes, types, and custom designs to meet your application needs. From industrial to commercial applications, our noble metal thermocouples are ideal for any situation. 

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Noble metal thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors combine robust design, exceptional accuracy, and high-temperature performance in a single product. These thermocouples are ideal for applications where reliability and stability are paramount. The thermocouples that we manufacture have been constructed from rhenium, tungsten, as well as molybdenum alloy wires, which happen to be highly corrosion-resistant, and tend to provide superlative heat transfer & voltage transfer characteristics. This combination ensures high accuracy and repeatability in a wide range of temperatures. Heatcon’s thermocouples are reliable, durable, and easy to install, making them a great choice for any application. 

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Heatcon Sensors offers a wide range of noble metal thermocouples for temperature measurement and control applications. These thermocouples feature a high accuracy and are capable of operating in extreme temperatures. They are designed to be robust, reliable and long lasting even in harsh and hostile environments. The range of noble metal thermocouples includes standard type J, K and T probes as well as custom designs with various glass, ceramic, and metal sheath materials. Heatcon Sensors also offers custom manufactured thermocouple probes, which can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Our noble metal thermocouples have excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in some of the most demanding conditions. With Heatcon Sensors’ noble metal thermocouples, you can be sure of accurate, reliable measurements in harsh environments.

Platinum Rhodium -13% /Platinum
0 To 1600°C
Platinum Rhodium -10% /Platinum
0 To 1600°C
Platinum Rhodium -30% /Platinum Rhodium 6%
600°C To 1700°C
Tungsten 5% Rhenium / Tungsten 26% Rhenium
600°C To 2200°C


  • Thermocouple Types: R,S,B,C
    Temperature Range: -200°C to 2200°C
  • Class of Tolerance (Reference Iec584 – 2 }: Class 1,class 2
  • Standard Wire Sizes (Bare): Ø 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1mm (Any Size as Per Requirement)
  • Configurations: Simplex, Duplex,triplex and Multipoint
  • Grade of Protection:- Ip 55,1p 65, Ip 66, Ip 67, Atex, Ccoe, Flameproof
  • Type of Termination:- Plug and Socket, Ip Rated Head, Din, and Explosion-Proof Connection Head, Etc
  • Connectors:-Mil-Std Nylon, Plastic, Ceramic
  • Type of Measurement:-Air, Gas, Liquid Immersion, Contact.
  • Sheaths:-Inconel 600, KER 710, Recrystallised Alumina, Quartz, Apm Super
  • Kanthal, Silicon Carbide & Nitrate, Sylon (Special Alloys on Request)