RTD with Thermowell

RTD With Thermowells

Resistance thermometers make use of metals, which tend to change their electrical resistance while being heated. Platinum happens to be the most widely used material in industrial RTD. But copper & nickel too are utilized in certain applications.

RTD with Thermowell or Protection Tube is an important safety measure in industrial temperature sensing. RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is a temperature sensing device that can be used to detect the temperature of a medium. The thermowell or protection tube is a hollow cylindrical sleeve that encloses and protects the RTD from the surrounding environment. It also helps to minimize the potential for fouling and corrosion of the RTD. The use of RTD with Thermowell or Protection Tube can prevent the RTD from getting damaged due to excessive heat and pressure and also ensure accuracy in temperature measurement. 

Efficient and Cost-Efficient at the Same Time!

RTD with thermowell or protection tube is a cost-effective and efficient way of measuring temperature in a wide range of applications. A thermowell is a cylindrical protection tube used with RTD’s to protect the sensor from physical damage and the process fluid. It also prevents direct contact between the RTD and the process fluid, which can cause electrical noise, corrosion or other damage. 


A protection tube ensures that the RTD and the process fluid do not come in direct contact, which can result in a significant reduction in the maintenance costs associated with the sensor. The thermowell also provides a means for the RTD to be removed from the process safely. This can be especially useful for applications where maintenance or replacement is difficult or infrequent. RTD’s with thermowells or protection tubes are often used in hazardous or aggressive applications, and provide a cost-effective solution for temperature measurement.

RTD with Thermowell or Protection Tube by Heatcon Sensors

Heatcon Sensors offers RTD with Thermowell or Protection Tube for temperature measurement solutions. This type of system is designed for the most rugged and reliable solutions and can be used in extreme temperature environments. With this system, temperature sensors and other instrumentation can be securely mounted in a thermowell or protection tube. Heatcon Sensors ensure that the system is designed for maximum accuracy and precision in measuring temperature over a wide range of temperatures and temperatures. The system is highly efficient and provides the ability to reduce energy consumption while providing accurate and reliable temperature measurements. In addition, Heatcon Sensors offers customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any application.


  • Types: Cylindrical bar stock, bar stock for welding, tube stock with narrowed tip.
  • STD Thermowell Materials: SS 304, 316, 316L, 310, INCONEL 600, INCONEL 800
  • For Special Applications: Monel, Hastelloy, Sandvik Af & Apm, Ceramic, Ptfecoating, Siliconnitrade Carbide, Graphite for Molten Metals.