MI Thermocouples

Mineral Insulated  Thermocouples (MI):

MI or Mineral-insulated thermocouples are often known as Magnesium-Oxide (MgO) thermocouples. They are usually utilized in various processes as well as lab applications. They tend to be available in all element types of thermocouples and in many different sheath diameters as well as materials. These are mostly rugged & flexible in nature, and their higher temperature ratings tend to make such thermocouples a viable selection for many temperature-measurement applications.

MI Thermocouples by Heatcon

MI Thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors are mineral insulated thermocouples commonly referred to as MgO (Magnesium Oxide) thermocouples. They are a reliable, accurate and durable solution for industrial temperature sensing needs. Heatcon Sensors MI thermocouples are made of highly durable, corrosion-resistant MgO sheath and wire with a variety of metals including nickel-plated copper and stainless steel. The insulated thermocouples are suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments. 


Our MI thermocouples offer superior accuracy and stability, fast response time and low drift for accurate temperature readings over a wide range of temperatures and in different settings. They are suitable for both high and low temperature applications and are available in a number of configurations. Our MI thermocouples are also compatible with different types of signal conditioners and process controllers, providing flexibility and enhanced accuracy. MI Thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors are the preferred choice for measuring temperature in industrial environments. They are mineral insulated (MI) thermocouples which are used in temperatures ranging from sub-ambient to +2000°C. 


Such thermocouples provide better accuracy and reliability than other thermocouples. The use of Mineral Insulated Thermocouples helps to reduce the risk of inaccurate readings due to environmental conditions. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, high pressure, and vibration. Thus, Heatcon Sensors’ MI thermocouples are highly reliable, making them the ideal choice for critical industrial applications.

Our MI Thermocouples Are Quality Centric

MI Thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors are the most reliable and high performance instrument for measuring temperatures. They are mineral-insulated (MgO) thermocouples that are designed to last longer and provide accurate measurements. Our thermocouples can be used in a variety of applications, including medical, industrial, and aerospace. With their superior performance and superior reliability, MI thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors are the perfect choice for any application where temperature measurement accuracy is crucial. They are available in different styles and sizes. We also offer various accessories and temperature probes to meet the needs of various applications. So, all-in-all, MI Thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors are the ultimate choice for temperature measurement.



  • Thermocouple Types: T, J, E, K, N, R, S, B
  • Temperature Range: -200°C to 1300°C
  • Class of Tolerance (Reference Iec584 -2}: Class 1, Class 2
  • Standard Ml Sizes: Ø 0.25,0.5,1,1.5, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 6, 8 mm
  • Configurations: Simplex, Duplex,Triplex and Multipoint
  • Grade of Protection: Ip 55, Ip 65, Ip 67, Atex, Ccoe, Flameproof
  • Type of Termination: Plug and Socket, Ip Rated Head, Din, and Explosion-Proof Connection Head, Etc
  • Connectors: MIL-STD, Nylon, Plastic, Ceramic
  • Type of Measurement: Air, Gas, Liquid Immersion, Contact, Surface
  • Sheaths: SS 316, SS 310, Inconel 600, Pyrosil, Platinum