Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

           Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

Application :

This series of ageing test chambers are suitable for the reliability test of industrial products. It has the characteristics of temperature control precision and wide control range. The performance conforms to the criteria GB5170.1.2.5-2017 “High-Temperature Test Equipment” for the basic parameters verification method of environmental test equipment for electric and electronic products.

Environmental Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Standard Accessories: sight window*1, cable port(portØ50mm)*1, shelves*2, chamber lamp*2, power cable *2m

Safety Device (Standard):  No fuse breaker, overpressure overheat and over current protection for compressor, Over-Temp, Protect, overload protect blower, dry heat protection.

Control System: Balanced Temperature & Humidity  Control System

Refrigeration System: Air-cooled (Water-cooled type is an option) Hermetic compressor, Single Stage refrigeration system CFC-Free refrigerant (HFC-507/HFC-23)