Hot Air Heater

                 High Temperature Hot Air Heater

A high temperature hot air heater by Heatcon happens to be such a device that has been designed in such a way that it generates hot air at temperatures even up to 600 degrees Celsius (°C). It also offers precise temperature control with an accuracy of +/- 1 °C. The heater incorporates a thyristor power pack, which is a type of solid-state power controller, to regulate & control the power supply to the heating elements.

         Key Features

  • Accuracy: It maintains a high level of temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 1 °C, ensuring consistent and precise heating.
  • Temperature: The heater can achieve a maximum temperature of 600 °C, making it suitable for various applications requiring high-temperature environments.
  • Compact Size: The heater is designed to have a compact size, which makes it space-saving & suitable for installations where space is limited. Space sometimes becomes quite a challenge. So, this is where such heaters suit the best!
  • Thyristor Power Pack: The inclusion of a thyristor power pack allows for efficient & controlled power distribution, enhancing the performance and reliability of the heater.
  • Blowers & Flow Control: The heater may include built-in blowers for efficient air circulation and may offer flow control options to adjust the airflow rate to meet specific requirements.


  • Research & Development (R&D): High temperature hot air heaters produced by Heatcon find utility in various R&D settings, such as laboratories, testing facilities, and experimental setups. They provide controlled high-temperature environments for conducting experiments, testing materials, and simulating specific conditions.
  • Process Heating: In industrial processes that require elevated temperatures, these heaters are employed for applications like drying, curing, heat treatment, and other thermal processes. They offer precise temperature control to ensure consistent & reliable outcomes.
  • Incinerators: High temperature hot air heaters provided by Heatcon Sensors play a vital role in incineration systems. They provide the necessary heat to achieve high temperatures required for efficient waste disposal and combustion processes in incinerators.

Top-Notch High Temperature Hot Air Heater from Heatcon Sensors

The above description outlines the features & applications of a high temperature hot air heater produced by Heatcon Sensors. Specific products may have variations in design, functionality, and additional features. So, if you are contemplating to procure the best-quality product from Heatcon, you can always consult their team for detailed information regarding that particular product that you are planning to purchase.