A thermocouple happens to be a temperature sensor that consists of 2 dissimilar metals joined at 1 of the ends to form a hot junction, and the wire-end that is open tends to act as a cold junction, with the hot junction being in contact with this process. While the measuring point, i.e. the hot junction, is heated, an EMF occurs in the cold junction, which is caused by the difference in the electron-density between 2 different metals & the temperature difference that occurs between the cold as well as the hot ends.

Thermocouple element tends to be made from the metals with electronegativities that are material-specific for achieving the greatest possible thermoelectric voltage(s). We, at Heatcon Sensors, offer a variety of standard temperature sensor models, including a wide range of finishes, all to suit many specific needs. 

Thermocouples by Heatcon Sensors

Heatcon Sensors is an excellent thermocouples manufacturer in Bangalore. The company produces top-notch thermocouples that are ideal for industrial applications, temperature monitoring, and many more. Heatcon Sensors specializes in providing customized thermocouples to suit the specific needs of their clients. We also provide prompt and efficient services, and support to ensure a smooth running experience. The thermocouples manufactured by Heatcon Sensors are extremely reliable and accurate. They are also available in various shapes, sizes and materials to meet any customer’s needs.

 In addition, the company also offers highly trained and experienced professionals, who provide exceptional services. We take pride in revolutionizing the industrial temperature monitoring industry with our high-quality thermocouples that are reliable and offer outstanding performance. With Heatcon Sensors being the best thermocouples manufacturer in Bangalore, you can be sure that you are getting the best thermocouples available near you!

Characteristics of Heatcon’s Thermocouples

Thermocouples by Heatcon have been combined with the following attributes: 

  • Base-metal thermocouples with thermowell(s) or protective covers
  • MI thermocouple range
  • Noble metals thermocouple range 
  • Fireproof thermocouples
  • Special types of thermocouples having different configurations

Standards to Look for!

Heatcon Sensors provides a wide range of thermocouples in the Indian subcontinent. There are certain standards which you need to look at before finalizing a thermocouple for your industrial application: 

  • The temperature range of the thermocouple 
  • Chemical seizure or the material used for the sheath 
  • Friction & vibration jamming 
  • Installation requirements (might be utilized with existing equipment; existing openings might determine the test width)

Here’s the Best Thermocouples Manufacturer in Bangalore!

Heatcon Sensors happens to be a leading thermocouples manufacturer in Bangalore. The company has been providing reliable solutions for temperature measurement and control in various industries. Heatcon offers a wide range of products from high-precision to custom-made thermocouples, thermistors, thermocouple assemblies, digital temperature controllers, RTD and thermowells. 

The products are designed and manufactured in-house with the help of modern technology and stringent quality measures. The company also offers repair and maintenance services for its products. With our vast experience and commitment to providing top-notch products and services, Heatcon Sensors has become one of the most trusted thermocouple manufacturers in Bangalore.