Slot RTD Stator RTD


SLOT/STATOR Resistance Temperture Detectors


These type of sensors are used for the measurement of temperature in large Motors, Generators, etc
RTD Types: PT-100 /PT-1000
Temperature Range: -50°C to +200°C
Elements: Platinum Thin Film RTD, Ceramic Wire wound
Class of Tolerance (ReferenceDIN EN 60751): CLASS A, CLASS B
Configurations: Simplex & Duplex (3 or 4 Wire)
Connectors: Plastic (optional)
Lead Wire: Teflon Insulated (with or without shielded) multistrand Wire
Sheaths:-Fiber Glass Epoxy
Minimum Length: 50mm
Maximum Length: 1000mm
Minimum Width: 8mm
Minimum Length: 50mm
Minimum Width: 10mm
Maximum Width: 50mm
Minimum Thickness:1 mm
Maximum Thickness: 5 mm