Thermocouples with Thermowells

Thermocouples with Thermowells

Heatcon Sensors offers a range of products that have become the benchmark for high quality and reliability. Thermocouples are one of the most widely used temperature-sensing devices that are used in a wide variety of industrial and research applications. A thermowell is a device used to protect the thermocouple from the environment and to provide a medium for making electrical connections. Thermowells are also used to provide additional insulation and protection from extreme temperatures, pressure, and vibration.



Thermowells are also commonly used in conjunction with thermocouples to protect them from damage, and also allow them to be replaced without the need to remove the thermocouple from its installation location. Thermocouples with Thermowells offer precision temperature measurement solutions for a variety of applications.


Strength versus accuracy & speedy measurement of temperature happens to be a sort of balancing act. Factors creating higher force lead to the reduction of the accuracy as well as the response speed of any temperature sensor. A well-chosen protective coating balances such opposing factors, and tends to create a structuring that can perform well in the intended application. 



  • TYPES: cylindrical bar stock, bar stock for welding, tube stock with narrowed tip.
  • STD THERMOWELL MATERIALS SS 304, 316, 316L, 310,Inconel 600, Inconel 800
  • FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: Monel, Hastelloy, SANDVIK AF & APM,Ceramic, Ptfecoating, Siliconnitrade ,Carbide & Graphite for Molten Metals.