Let’s Delve Deeper into the Concept of Mineral Insulated RTD

Mineral Insulated RTD

Mineral-insulated (M.I.) resistance thermometers are usually equipped with platinum measuring resistors (i.e. Pt100 Ω) according to DIN IEC 751. The inner conductors (Cu) have been embedded in densely packed inert mineral powder (i.e. MgO) which measures that the resistor has been connected to the internal conductors; and it is also surrounded & embedded in a metal shell, thus forming an assembly that is hermetically-sealed. Constantan & nickel inner conductor(s) are also sometimes utilized. Cover is a useful protection in most of the circumstances. These are used in places where a quick response, lesser space and/or vibration resistance is required. These could be equipped with a fixed cable or a special connector that allows quick installation or replacement. Such Mineral Insulated RTD temperature sensors usually have flexible, thin-walled mineral-insulated stainless steel cables with low-resistance copper wires that have been braided in compressed heat-resistant magnesium oxide. The temp-probe is well-connected to internal wiring and placed in a stainless steel case. Thermowell & mineral-insulated cable have been welded together. Proper heat transfer between the housing & the temp-probe enables a short response time & high measurement accuracy. Anti-vibration (vibration-resistant) design ensures long service life. Temperature measurement of hard-to-reach measuring points is possible; thanks to a flexible cable with mineral insulation. The smallest bending radius is five times the outside diameter.

Metal Sheathed RTD

  • Consists of thin-walled & flexible stainless steel mineral-insulated cable. 
  • The cable consists of low-resistance inner wires, which are made from compressed refractory magnesium oxide. 
  • Temperature sensor being well-connected to internal wires & installed in the protective tube. 
  • The protective tube & sheath cable have been hermetically connected. 
  • Proper heat transfer in the protective tube & the temperature sensor enables quick response time & high measurement accuracy. 
  • Flexible sensor tubes enable measuring of temperature in hard-to-reach places. 
  • These are being utilized in heavy measuring applications with high vibration and in all measuring positions where flexibility & exchange ease have been required. 
  • Applications can be seen in power plants, chemical plants, engines, and mechanical engineering & construction facilities along with some usual industrial applications.

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