Role of Paperless Recorders in the Present Day Scenario

Paperless Recorders 

A lot of people are asking the question, “What exactly is a paperless recorder?” It is an electro mechanical device that captures all the changes happening in a closed system and records the variable values of data in the form of a chart. These charted values then can be stored, processed, and finally displayed using a digital display screen without having to print anything. For example, in a cold storage warehouse, a user can use a paperless recorder to collect real-time temperature changes and monitor and access any recorded fluctuations in temperature even remotely using a paperless recorder.  The industry wide use of such paperless recorders has increased manifold given its potential advantages of capturing and displaying real time data. 

Why Are Paperless Recorders the Need-of-the-Hour?

The need for paperless recorders is a global phenomenon, and it’s only getting more and more important as the time goes on.  Paperless recorders have been developing at a fast pace as a result of technological developments. The design of these recorders has also undergone significant changes as per the industry type and the process requirement. Manufacturers have created these digital recorders that combine technology and innovation at the same time. As the name suggests, these recorders eliminate the use of paper and are able to display real-time data digitally. Users can even configure the displays according to their requirements. Periodic rounds for close monitoring by the user are not at all needed any longer as the real-time data can be accessed easily from a centralized and remote location through a network connection. No pen, no paper, and no ribbon required, plus there is the flexibility of comfortably storing the data captured by the device, without worrying about its degradation. These benefits of a paperless recorder make it a true necessity in today’s time when people are so tied up in their busy schedules.

Considerations for Ensuring the Best Selection of a Paperless Recorder for Your Business

There must be many users who would be perplexed in choosing the ideal paperless recorder for their business. This can be because they are uncertain about their proper usage. They might not know which process in their industry can be easily automated using a paperless recorder and what can be the potential benefits of it. Here are some key points to consider in making sure you choose the best paperless recorder ideal for your industrial process:

  • Accuracy: If your process requires accurate data to be collected in real-time, these paperless recorders are extremely efficient in recording data with great precision and accuracy. With these recorders, data can be recorded error-free and can be considered absolutely reliable. 
  • Enhanced Security of Data: If you wish to keep your process data secure and safe, these paperless recorders are extremely beneficial. A paperless recorder helps maintain a high level of data safety and maintains its integrity without any risk of cyber threats. 
  • Uncorrupt Data: For any entrepreneur, process data is extremely important and it should never get corrupted by any means. So, these recorders are best-suited as the recorded data remains encrypted at all times and logically stored, thus ensuring safety.
  • Firmware Upgrades: A digital paperless recorder has a much larger capacity for being upgraded at the site than a paper recorder. These recorders meet the new guidelines of firmware upgrades.
  • Remote Access: Today, most businesses have separate geographical units so to acquire data in such a scenario, one needs remote access to data which is made possible only with these digital recorders.
  • Understand the Software: The software is a crucial part of these digital recorders. So, it is necessary to have the ability to work with the manufacturer’s software bundles as well as the 3rd party software. The manufacturers must provide such software that permits the following things to be done:
    • Software Must Allow Configurations from PC: Remotely-controlled software must allow installing of fresh configurations to the recorder, entering batch-data, and managing the data-driven files from any remote location. 
    • Capability to Communicate: Communication is that aspect where these recorders gleam. Do not invest in the recorders which do not have networkable Ethernet communication as it is the Ethernet port only where all advanced features can be fed easily. 

Paperless Recorders by Heatcon Sensors

Paperless Recorders by Heatcon Sensors are the latest innovation in this field. They are highly sensitive to record any minutest data variations, have a digital display for real-time monitoring, keep the recorded data secure and safe at all times, and the data can be easily accessed even remotely. If you too have a process that requires capturing of real-time data and doesn’t know which paperless recorder can suffice, contact the highly skilled and expert engineers working with Heatcon to get complete and reliable knowledge about paperless recorders.